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Rise is a professional platform for ambitious women. We connect dynamic companies with diverse candidates, driving success.

Today careers are changing fast. Women want equal pay, accelerated growth, and work that matters.

Rise empowers women to move up the ladder faster by working with companies that are committed to a more diverse, equitable, and empowered future. We are building a world where every women can rise up, define her own path, and unlock her full potential.

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Founding Story

Vivian Chen, founder of Rise
Vivian Chen, founder of Rise

Hey there, I’m Vivian!  👋

I’ve worn many hats throughout my career, as a Brand Marketer, an Independent Consultant, a Strategist and now as an Entrepreneur and Founder.

Like many of you, I’ve had a non-linear career path. And my journey has been a series of connecting the dots –from beauty to tech to consulting–to show to the world what I can do as a Rising woman paving her own way

Despite progress made over the last generation, women are still underestimated in the workforce. I know what it’s like to switch industries, have my resume rejected by 100+ companies, and be the only woman in the room.

Today, women hold just 38% of manager-level positions (compared to men at 62%) and for every 100 men promoted to manager, only 85 women were promoted—and this gap was even larger for Black women (58 promoted) and Latinas (71 promoted).

That’s why I founded Rise, to help other women take charge of their careers and go further, faster, on our own terms.

The future is ours to create. Together, we can rise! 🦄💪




Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women to go further, faster, on their own terms.

Our Vision

We are building a world where every women can rise up, define her own path, and unlock her full potential.

Our Team

Rise is powered by women. Our HQ is in NYC, but you can find us from sea to shining sea. Don’t be shy, say hello online or offline 🙂

Vivian Chen Rise
Vivian - Founder & CEO
Lauren Zahorec, Rise
Lauren - Head of Sales & Partnerships
Reza Moreno Rise
Reza - Community & Content
Ana Carolina Fogaca Rise
Ana - Marketing
Carlene, Rise Design
Carlene - Design
Xiyu, Rise
Xiyu - Design
Charlie - Head of Barks & Recreation
Charlie - Head of Barks & Recreation
Meowzer - Head of Mousekeeping
Meowzer - Head of Mousekeeping

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