Benefits For Independent Women

On-Demand  Benefits for Freelancer, Self-Employed Professionals, and Independent Women Like You

We are Building a Future Worth Protecting

More than ever, women are opting out of 9-to-5s for self-employment as a way to go further, faster, on her own terms.

As flexible work increases in popularity, women demand a solution to handle benefits traditionally provided by full-time employers.

An Ecosystem of Benefits to Get You Covered

Health Insurance

Financial Services

Tax & Legal Solutions

Exclusive Perks & Offers


health insurance for freelancers

On-Demand Health Insurance

Decent provides affordable health plans for self-employed professionals (freelancers, sole proprietors, and 1099 contractors) and their families. Decent offers year-round open enrollment to the most affordable ACA-compliant bronze and silver plans available in our service area, with premiums that are up to 50 percent lower than typical market rates. 

Educational Workshops & Programming

Join our community network to access workshops, mentorships, educational courses, connect with members and attend IRL and virtual events. 

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benefits for freelancers

Personal Finance Wellness

LearnLux is the digital, independent financial and benefits education platform that will supercharge your personal finances. Life is unpredictable, so we empower our community to learn, plan and make real behavior changes that will set you up for financial success. Your paycheck is how you make a living, but financial wellness is how you’ll make a life.

Financial & Tax Planning

Harness Wealth is a WealthTech business that helps accomplished individuals identify financial opportunities so that they can achieve the life and the legacy they seek to create. It provides clients with a unified data platform that enables them to manage their wealth and connect with a highly curated set of top tax, financial and legal advisors to manage their financial well-being.

financial planning for freelancers

The Legal Stuff

Rise is not a licensed insurance agent. The services and products are provided by a third party providers to support your independent consulting practice. By engaging with these providers, you acknowledge and agree that Rise is not responsible for any third party providers nor your experiences with them. You should consider your needs when selecting products. Rise does not make specific product recommendations for individuals. Each insurer has sole responsibility for its products.

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