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Rise is proud to partner with Harness Wealth to provide an expert network of financial advice to our member community, further extending our benefits ecosystem. 


1. Contextualize Your Wealth

Answer questions about you, your financial background, and your goals and milestones.

2. Realize More Value

Answer questions about you, your financial background, and your goals and milestones.

3. Meet Your Advisers

Our pairing system will recommend some of the top advisers in the country who specialize in working with clients like you.


Financial Advisers

Our Financial Advisers will help you plan a short and long-term strategy to make the most of existing and new assets, while balancing risk and growth.

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)
Our CPAs work with intricate business structures, multiple sources of income, and complex multi-jurisdictional fling needs in order to reduce costs.

Trust & Estate Attorneys
Our Trust & Estate Attorneys help you plan ahead, protecting your family and ensuring that your wealth continues to serve your vision well into the future.

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About Harness Wealth

Harness Wealth is a WealthTech business that helps accomplished individuals identify financial opportunities so that they can achieve the life and the legacy they seek to create. It provides clients with a unified data platform that enables them to manage their wealth and connect with a highly curated set of top tax, financial and legal advisors to manage their financial well-being.

small business financial planning

In The Adviser Corner this month, Tyler Stoviak, director and client advisor at Simon Quick Advisors, shares the benefits of Qualified Small Business Stock for entrepreneurs. Simon Quick Advisors is a Financial Advisory Firm on the Harness Wealth platform.

CPA for Founders and Freelancers

Very few among us get excited by the arrival of a tax filing deadline- not the CPAs working late to complete work for their clients around April 15th & October 15th and certainly not those individuals writing checks to the IRS or state tax authorities. However, as much as we would like to delay thinking about tax filings, the end of the calendar year is the perfect time to evaluate whether you have the right CPA and get the right one in place! 

wealth planning

Having children is a life changing experience, as you suddenly become responsible for a whole new person you created. Your child depends on you for everything until at least the age of 18 and likely for much longer – and this means your bundle of joy comes with a bundle of legal and financial responsibilities.

The Legal Stuff

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