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Wish you learned about 401(k)s and HSAs instead of parallelograms in school? With LearnLux’s high tech high touch Financial Wellness program, you’ll feel empowered to make smart decisions about your money every step of the way. 

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LearnLux is the digital, independent financial and benefits education platform that will supercharge your personal finances. Life is unpredictable, so we empower our community to learn, plan and make real behavior changes that will set you up for financial success. Your paycheck is how you make a living, but financial wellness is how you’ll make a life.

Our mission? To make financial guidance accessible for all.

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In our world today, knowledge about money is not a priority at any level of the education system. As a result, women miss out on their prime investment period, fail to develop the credit they’ll need later in life, and make big financial decisions out of fear, rather than education. We developed the tools we wished we’d had to help us understand our own money, and to democratize access to expert financial guidance, too.

LearnLux lessons and tools are built to be engaging, interactive & jargon-free, created in alignment with our proven Methodology and reviewed by our in-house team of Certified Financial PlannersⓇ. Ready to feel confident about your finances?

Let's show you how we do it.

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Whether it’s benefits, retirement planning, insurance, or building credit – we’ve got your back. LearnLux’s online education hub puts the power in your hands. Learn in a friendly, fun and engaging way, then turn knowledge into action.

Our advice is objective and unbiased with no conflict of interest. We do not sell financial products. All content is written and reviewed by our in-house content and independent financial advisory team.

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Financial wellness plans, budgets, and more to help your dollars make sense. Discover opportunities for building wealth, and map your path to a bright financial future.

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Everyone deserves access to financial guidance. Set goals, then talk to a friendly LearnLux Advisor to receive one-on-one support and identify the best opportunities to meet them.

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I work in a creative field, and I find learning about finances to be very dry. I think LearnLux does a great job of making financial wellness fun and informative and breaking it into lessons. 


It provided all the information I needed, in a way that is digestible and straightforward for those who do not have a background or strong interest in finance.”

Kate ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

The Fine Print

In partnership with Rise, LearnLux is excited to offer exclusive access to their full suite of digital education, online tools, and guidance from Financial Advisors to help you feel confident about your money. 

*Join today to enjoy FREE access until July 15th, then just $25 per month after the trial is up. Questions? Reach out to LearnLux’s team at any time. 

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