It's Been 99 Years Since Women's Equality Day,
But Where Are the Women?

Seeing is believing. For this year’s Women’s Equality Day, Rise is launching a campaign to increase the visual representation of rising women at work.

The inspiration for the campaign was born when we Googled terms such as “CEO”, “Startup founder”, and “Entrepreneur”. 

99 years since the Nineteenth Amendment has been passed, women are still missing from the boardroom, the ballot box, and even in search algorithms.

Marian Wright Edelman once said: “You can’t be what you can’t see.” So we partnered with The Rise Journey, a women-founded organization focused on diversifying work cultures, to publish a white paper on the current state of women representation in the world of work.

Women Serving In Congress


Fortune 500 Women CEOs


Gender Wage Gap Ratio


# of Years To Gender Equality


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Why Was This Campaign Important to You?​

“Women are shaping the future by claiming the spaces that have been taken from us historically. Seeing women of all backgrounds embarking on the entrepreneurial journeys, turning their ideas into reality, and rising to the top in tech, fashion, finance, etc. is truly exciting and gives us a glimpse of the more inclusive landscape that lies ahead.”–– Maya Mutalik, Founder of Hope Sews

“This photoshoot was especially important to me because I wanted to create images of black women as modern professionals in the workplace.” — Chloe Taylor, STEM Educator

“I appreciated the opportunity to be surrounded by a group of women entrepreneurs who represent a diverse range of industries and come from of such different backgrounds, ages, and stories. Entrepreneurship, especially as a women/minority can be a very lonely experience, and getting the opportunity to just connect with other hardworking, ambitious, and innovative female founders over our shared struggles and the complex journey of running a business itself was refreshing and motivating.”

Share your voice: why is representation important to you?

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“Visual representation is both a reflection of societal norms, but also a reinforcement of what is normalized in society. What we see visually, in a Google image search and beyond, shapes the possibilities and the limitations of our existence.”

“There weren’t many photos of people who looked like us: dynamic, powerful, modern women who called our own shots. Even the few photos of women that did surface, they were in dark suits, with their arms crossed over their chests.”

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