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Posted on March 11, 2021


Job Description

Coda reimagines documents, spreadsheets, and how “applications” are developed. While documents and spreadsheets have remained relatively unchanged for the last 40 years, their paradigms still dominate how businesses and people operate. We’re taking a fresh approach at what these fundamental surfaces are ー empowering anyone to start with something as simple as a document that can easily evolve into a powerful, connected application. We’ve seen customers make docs to plan product launches, manage marketing campaigns, coordinate country-wide remote education opportunities, and to run their business full-stack (to name a few).
About the role:
Part Sales, part Customer Success, part Growth Marketing: Coda is looking for a highly driven go-to-market generalist to help start our Growth Sales program. This team will work with our customers in many capacities, with a focus on unblocking them at key points across the customer journey. You’ll be working on a new team in our broader GTM org, with a stated goal of driving revenue and ensuring success for customers of all sizes. You’ll get exposure to all other GTM functions, including Growth Marketing, Enterprise Sales, Customer Success, Support, Product Marketing, and Partnerships. You’ll also work with our Product and Engineering teams as we jointly work to expand our collective knowledge of how our customers use and succeed with our product.
The ideal candidate is highly motivated and flexible. We are building this effort with heavy experimentation in mind, and you’ll be building the playbook just as much as you’ll be executing on it. You should love working with customers above all.
As a founding member on the team, your fingerprints will be all over the process, culture, and company we build in the years to come.
  1. Receiving and responding to sales leads and converting them to new business
  2. Building playbooks for our team to scale
  3. Running experiments for measuring how different types of sales outreach affect our customers at different times
  4. Engaging with our broader sales and marketing organization to deliver tailored experiences for our customer base
  5. Helping build Coda docs for prospective and current Coda customers
  6. Running demos for customers who request them from any of our web pages
  7. Diligently managing the workflow aspect of the role, so that we can understand our impact and use that information to move in the right direction
You might be a good fit if:
  • You’re early in your career and want to get exposure to many different areas within the go-to-market side of a tech company
  • You currently work in a Customer Support role and want to transition to a Sales role
  • You’re a current SDR looking to get closing experience while gaining operational experience
  • You’re a current Investment Banking Analyst or Consultant who loves to work with clients and who is considering a range of roles on the go-to-market side of a tech startup
  • You like the idea of working with customers but aren’t sure you want to pursue a longer-term career in Sales
  • You hold customer satisfaction and success in the highest regard
Your skills:
  • 2+ years of experience working in a high-velocity customer-facing role (implementation, sales, customer success, or support)
  • Exceptional verbal and written communications skills. You enjoy sharing insight and knowledge. 
  • Experience with and desire to work with customers for a majority of your day. You are patient and thoughtful when doing so.
  • Ability to work self-sufficiently with limited direction in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to adapt to changes in roles and responsibilities
  • Automation-first mindset



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