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Eliana Goldstein

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Hi! I'm
Eliana Goldstein


I’m a NYC based millennial success coach.

In my role as a millennial success coach, I work with women to replace self-doubt with self-confidence so they can align with who they want and navigate the path towards personal and professional success.

In the professional realm I help women elevate their careers whether that’s finding a new job, rising the ranks at their current job or becoming career professionals, i.e. strengthening networking and interviewing skills etc.

In the personal realm, I work with women who are wanting to build their confidence, create a healthier work/life balance and healthier relationships.

The goal is helping women DEFINE what personal and professional success means to them and then creating strategic action plans to get them there. In my coaching practice I recognize that every women is different. Our struggles and obstacles are personal and for that reason our coaching journey needs to be personalized as well. 

“If you feel like you’ve reached your boiling point and you just want someone or something to help you make a real change, I’ve been there, I get it, and I want to help.”

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If you are interested in joining my coaching program, I’d love to set up a free 45-minute coaching call to get to know one another a bit better.

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