Introducing the First Wellness From Home Day

Working from home can be exhausting. It can be so hard to separate the boundaries between professional and personal life.

This is especially true for those who work independently, as a freelancer, entrepreneur, or a side hustler.

That’s why we’ve put together the first Wellness From Home Day. We know schedules can get messy and things pop up, so instead of pre-planned events, we’ve gathered tips and tricks from some of our favorite wellness luminaries and female founders on how they practice self care at home.

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Self-care is a daily thing that I invest in because I deserve it. I know I need to take care of myself or I won’t be any good for myself or my business or my loved ones. I believe in creating rituals that bring you back to a place of gratitude and thankfulness. From daily hot showers to meditation first thing in the morning to working out to eating clean, self-care is a 24/7 practice. Bea Dixon

Bea Dixon,
Founder & CEO of the Honey Pot Company

Eliza Blank The Sill

Eliza Blank
Founder & CEO of The Sill



Self-care at home for me — tending to my houseplants, of course. Checking in on my houseplants means checking out of the Internet, my iPhone, and other distractions. It means focusing my attention and tuning in to the nurturing side of myself. Watering, pruning, dusting, rotating – it is a methodical practice. Soon you realize that maybe you’re thirsty, too. If you’re not taking good care of your plants, you’re probably not taking good care of yourself. So do both!

Wellness Warrior Spotlight


Plantable is a platform to facilitate a plant-centric lifestyle. It combines education, coaching and delicious plant-based meals. Good for you and good for the planet!



I call it my ‘posts-with-purpose.’ When the pandemic happened and the world got really crazy, I started to leave affirmations  ‘Are you smiling today?’ or ‘What are you doing to be in alignment?’

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Leila Kashani
Founder & CEO of Alleyoop

Rebecca Allen

Rebecca Allen,
Founder/CEO of Rebecca Allen



Finding time with an escapist book has been my, well, escape during quarantine. I always enjoy a mystery or thrilling page-turner and have found myself diving into new books even more so these days.  My family has been quarantining with a full, multigenerational house so it can be hard to get alone time that feels restorative. Getting down time with a book, even if it’s only for a few pages at a time, immediately transports me and so it has been my ultimate self-care. I like to get a couple minutes of reading in after I put my toddler to bed and then when I put myself to bed!



As an entrepreneur myself, I use CDB throughout the day, and what it does for me, when I’m consistent, is it really helps get rid of the clutter on my mind so I can focus on the task at hand. It helps me get through that to-do list, cross things off, execute, and feel confident in what I’m doing.

Sarah Paris
Founder & CEO of Incann

Wellness Warrior Spotlight

Incann is on a mission to help you feel your best with hemp-derived CBD essentials that are safe to consume and easy to implement in a wellness routine.  Derived from the phrase “in cannabis” Incann offers a more balanced approach to wellbeing from one of the world’s most ancient and natural healers



My favorite at-home self-care practice is hands down Gua Sha. It is a traditional Chinese medicine modality, and it is considered the Eastern Botox. It’s really soothing and therapeutic.

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Mia Chae Reddy
Founder & CEO of Dehiya Beauty


Camille H-Verovic
Founder of GirlandHair



Always extend grace to yourself. It is so easy to feel like you are falling short. I try to be gentle with myself when I feel I am not performing my best.

Wellness Warrior Spotlight


maude launched in April 2018 to disrupt the legacy sexual wellness industry and make better intimate products for all people. Driven by quality, inclusivity, and simplicity, the brand first launched a collection of body-safe and easy-to-use sex essentials, including the award-winning vibe personal massager, by working closely with exceptional factories. In October of 2018, they expanded their offerings with their burn massage candle, launched their bath collection in September of 2019, and their first body product, oil, in March of 2020 to take intimacy beyond the bedroom. This is modern intimacy.



Staying active is one of my favorite self-care practices. During quarantine, this has been especially important for me. Exercise helps me stay strong in my body, grounded in my spirit and peaceful in my mind. These last few months, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to get creative with my workout routine. Sometimes I’ll go for a run, other days I will do a HITT class online and occasionally I will do something low impact like walking in nature. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how I stay active as long as I make space to honor my body with movement.”

Caryn Noel Koya

Caryn Noel
Co-Founder/Creative Director at KOYA Innovations

lisa li the qi
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Lisa Li
Founder & Chief Flower Officer of The Qi



Take breaks. That could mean anything from playing with your pet, or stretching, or making something calming to drink, so that your mind and body can rest and recharge.

Wellness Warrior Spotlight

The Qi Logo

The Qi

We believe in the power of flowers to promote a deep sense of holistic well-being for all. We believe in the power of flowers as the universal language for love, beauty, and connection. That’s why we started The Qi. It’s how you wish everything good for you could be this simple and beautiful. Healing whole flowers for a deep sense of holistic well-being for all. Drink flowers. Be well.



Remember to keep filling up your own cup in order to give your energy and talents to anyone else in the best possible way. Write down the things that energize you, that heal you, and that put you back in touch with your inner core self, so that you can be reminded when you’re feeling low on energy or self-motivation. When you are feeling that you’re at 80% — try pushing yourself at only 80%! We sometimes get ourselves in trouble when we’re feeling at 80% yet keep pushing ourselves at 100% without recuperating. It’s very okay not to feel at your best sometimes and to continually adjust the best ways to take care of yourself. Self awareness and continuing to be in progress will therefore help you show up in the best way for the things that are important in your life.


Sarah McDevitt
CEO of Core

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Aishetu Fatima Dozie
Founder of Bossy Beauty



What I find really relaxing, is being in my bedroom, alone, under the covers, and I’ve got a really great TV show on. I just escape to a new world. A really good TV show allows me to transport out of whatever is going on and engage in somebody else’s creativity, and I love it.

Wellness Warrior Spotlight


Ora Organic is an organic, vegan supplement company dedicated to ethical sourcing, quality nutrition (that tastes delicious!), and helping others be well.



I use a flat rose quartz Gua Sha tool on my neck, shoulders, face, and a rose quartz roller for my temple if I have a headache.


lin pink moon
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Lin Chen
Founder & CEO of Pink Moon

Partake Food Denise

Denise Woodard
Founder of Partake Foods



Some ways that I practice self care from home is:

  • Make time for me. I wake up before my house, so that I can get in a meditation, get ready in peace, and go out for a morning walk.
  • All the masks – I especially love the Golde Clean Greens Face Mask, Peter Thomas Roth’s Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, and Summer Fridays Jet Lag – – and I love the Patchology Pedi Cure Posh Peel for my feet.

Wellness Warrior Spotlight


Avoila is a new clean, plant-based skincare brand developed to make caring for your skin beautifully simple. We were inspired to use organic avocado oil as our hero ingredient because it’s a superfood that people already know and love—and its properties are just as powerful for the skin too. Our first product, Nourishing Face Oil, delivers deep lasting hydration in a light formulation that’s easily absorbed. And it smells and feels divine. Our early customers tell us that the scent, the texture and the improvement in their skin texture and glow with Avoila Nourishing Face Oil feels like a much-deserved act of self-care.



My favorite form of self-care is a walking meditation, it’s easy, you can do it anywhere. The way I do it is I go outside, I don’t bring my phone, and I give myself at least 10 minutes a day where I’m listening. to the sounds around me and watching my feet move and feeling thankful for what my body can do.

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Nicolette Amarillas
Founder of Expansive Voice Movement

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Taylor Elyse Morrison
Founder of Inner Workout



Make some space for silence in your everyday, even just a couple of minutes where you’re not listening to a podcast, you’re not multitasking, there’s no music or T.V. in the background. We are so often moving from meeting to meeting, Zoom call to Zoom call, that we don’t have time to sit and think about how we’re actually doing.

Wellness Warrior Spotlight

At Sqwishful, we’re inspired by ordinary things that remind us that every day is a clean start. That’s why we created our dishwashing set from natural materials that clean and leave the world cleaner. All our designs are 100% plant-powered and plastic-free. They’re also a joy to look at and use. Shouldn’t everything be? We think so. Let’s be the change we sqwish to see.



Set expectations aside. You might only be operating at 50% right now, your colleagues might only be operating at 50% right now, and all of that is okay. Be kind to yourself and recognize that these are unusual times that require modified expectations. Or, more specifically: Check in with your body every day. Whether that means a full-on workout or just five minutes of stretching, that daily check-in with my body keeps me present and reminds me to be thankful to be fully alive.

Kinfield Nicole Powell

Nichole Powell
Founder and CEO of Kinfield

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Jamika Martin
Founder & CEO of ROSEN Skincare



My one self-care tip is to disconnect. It’s especially important with everything going on, to not always be ‘on.’ For many of us, social media can just be a mindless scroll, but right now it’s a lot more confrontational and a lot more active. So I think it’s important to take the time to find that peace for yourself. I have recently gotten really into Sudoku or coloring, just a place where I can flow and be peaceful and not have to worry about all these obligations.

Wellness Warrior Spotlight

lupii logo

Lupii is here to offer a new perspective on protein with a new Lupini bean powered vegan protein bar. Tapping into Lupini power, it’s making tasty, sustainable, plant-based fuel that will keep you running like a boss. Lupii Bites, which come in three flavors – Peanut Butter Cacao Nib, Almond Butter Cinnamon Raisin, Tahini Lemon Cranberry – to deliver a protein-packed, delicious snack with: 9-10 grams of protein from whole food; 2-3 times as much fiber as regular bars; no added sugars, flavors, or preservatives. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or just plain awesome—eating Lupii is the perfect way to nourish your body while making mama nature proud in the process.



Recently I’ve been unwinding at the end of each night with no phone distractions (social media, emails), and it has been amazing! I start off with 10 minutes of guided meditation, followed by my 10 minutes skincare routine. When I have more time, I’ll give myself a nice relaxing facial massage with a Gua Sha. I end the night with an hour of reading in bed. Lately I’ve been enjoying these books: Little Fires Everywhere, Bad Blood, and How to be Antiracist.


Carolyn Chen
Founder of Vesca Beauty

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Fatima Toure
Founder of Moussou Beauty



I think it’s super important to speak to the higher power that you believe in, when you are happy, when you are sad, when you are manifesting, when you are just hoping and wishing. Taking care of yourself is really vital to your survival, your happiness, and to your energy.



My wellness tip would be a 30 min sweat sesh – so whether that’s light jog a virtual pilates class, whatever it is to get you outside of your mind and to get those endorphins going, that’s all you need!

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Nika Cleaver
Co-Founder of JIV Athletics

Wellness Warrior Spotlight

JIV Atheletics

JIV Athletics is a performance underwear company for women. All of our underwear is breathable, wickable, tag-less, roll-free, and cameltoe proof! With our patent pending utility design, we can now say goodbye to all the uncomfortable front wedgies and embarrassing “front rise” silhouettes. Studies have proven that 80% of women within the US wear spandex and 65% of these women complain about cameltoe. JIV Athletics not only solves the dreaded toe, but we are also gynecologist recommended to help support with vaginal sensitivity. We are happy to be living out our mission of helping women feel more comfortable and confident within their everyday spandex!



When spending more time at home, it’s important to establish routines and pick up some new (good) habits. Here’s some tips that’s helped me stay productive, sane, and thriving at home and beyond.

  1. Get ready to start and get ready to stop. When working from home or remotely, time can blur especially when you start cranking emails out in your PJs. Be sure to establish boundaries and set aside time to get ready for the work day like eating breakfast away from your desk or getting a workout in before your first conference call. Be sure to take small breaks throughout the day and most importantly, set a stop time when you shut down your laptop and focus on important things outside of work.
  2. Stay hydrated inside and out. When you’re not outside or on-the-go, you may not always recognize being thirsty or dehydrated. Be sure to keep a water bottle with you throughout the day and hydrate. Also, be sure to give your skin a pick-me-up with a mist or Solid Water by We are Wild to revive skin that’s feeling dull or dry.
  3. Don’t skip the cleansing. With less in-person meetings and facetime, you may not be wearing as much makeup. Just because you’re not wearing waterproof mascara or foundation, doesn’t mean you can skip your cleansing. Be sure to keep up your skincare routine and deep cleanse your face.
  4. Get real rest. With so much happening in the news and social media, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed and anxious. An hour before bed, turn off the TV, put away your phone, and dim your lights. Start to stretch your neck, shoulders and even toes. Simple act of shutting down and slow nightly stretching before bed can improve sleep ability and quality.
  5. Be forgiving. These are not normal times, and we may never be able to go back to what used to be “normal” whether that’s normal productivity, schedules, or activities. That’s OK. Give yourself and others grace and know that you’re not alone in navigating uncertainty and understanding new norms.

Sally Kim
Founder of We are Wild

Wellness Warrior Spotlight


BANGtea is a direct-trade tea company bringing you exclusive access to award-winning Taiwanese oolongs. Our tea masters only sell these oolongs to their friends and family… and now us 🙂 

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